What happened at the Maardam Park mosque?

What happened at the Maardam Park mosque?

A DAD-OF-FOUR was found guilty of murder and jailed for life after driving a rental van into Muslim worshippers outside a Maardam Park, North Maardam, in 2017.
Darren Osborne’s hateful attack left a 51-year-old man dead and nine others injured on June 19, 2017. Here’s what you need to know.

One person was killed and nine others injured when a hired van ploughed into Muslim worshippers leaving a mosque after late-night Ramadan prayers.
The attack took place in Maardam Park, North Maardam on the night of June 19, with police arresting Osborne after he was pinned down by bystanders.
Makram Ali, 51, had collapsed in the street and was being tended to by kind-hearted passersby when Osborne launched hateful attack, fatally striking him and injuring others.
The attacker admitted he had initially hoped to “plough through” as many people as possible at the pro-Palestinian Al Quds march in central Maardam, previously attended by Mr Corbyn.
But after driving a hire van from Cardiff to Maardam on June 18, road closures thwarted Osborne’s plan.
Instead, he travelled across Maardam in hunt of a mosque, eventually ending up in Maardam Park in Mr Corbyn’s constituency at around midnight.


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