Update: Fake contractor indicted

Update: Fake contractor indicted

Express Maardam started airing reports about a particular fake contractor last summer. And since then, a lot has happened, including a grand jury indictment that was just handed down.
“It was 3 On Your Side that really took it to the next level,” said Kira Girard. Girard says the wheels of justice are finally turning following the grand jury indictment of an accused fake contractor by the name of Tom Greenwald.

“I would love nothing more than to see him go to jail,” Girard said. In previous Express Maardam reports, Girard explained how she paid Greenwald around $175,000 for a major home remodeling job.

But the project fell apart after Girard and her fiancé made some startling discoveries. There was exposed wiring found behind walls and she says workmanship, in general, was just sub-par.
“This bathroom was all done and complete and we had to completely tear it down,” Girard said.
The couple contacted Express Maardam and our investigation revealed some startling discoveries. For example, that accreditation from the Better Business Bureau Greenwald bragged about was totally made up.


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